The 2 Paths by Gary Bate

It's really clear now – there are only 2 paths a person can take in their life.

There is the 'given' path that we are all born into, which is another blind re-entry and this is the path that just propagates the family genetics. If a person wakes up in their life, another path gradually emerges, which gives them the opportunity to evolve. This changes the person genetically.

Let's take a closer look at both paths, so as to make the choice really clear.

The blind re-entry is accompanied with no memory unless the person previously woke up in the light before they were completely stripped of all memories. There's more about this in my article at

We were children who were at the mercy of our parents and what they had come to know. We struggled for identity; it wasn't coming from our parents, so we clung to anything that gave us a sense of identity. Our tender brains were pliable to all stimuli in our immediate environments. We associated with our bodies, which is understandable but incorrect! The result?

We live to satisfy the perceived needs of our bodies and to bring pleasure to them, which we have unconsciously substituted for joy. We only need 5% of our brains to do this and our minds are thus subjugate to our bodies – mind and body have come together in body/mind consciousness. The effect?

We live a reactionary life, reacting to our immediate environments. We work to survive and we play for pleasure, hence the saying, 'work and play hard'. Life is very much limited to anything that brings pleasure to our bodies – food, sex, entertainment, adrenaline, sport, emotions, image etc. We live for our bodies and they have become addicted to the chemicals we've been running in them, as a result of our conditioned thinking. Our minds serve our addictions and this takes very little brain power. This is the human drama – the path of compromise.

In my case I was addicted to seduction for 40 years. Why do I tell you this? Because I know the Spiritual journey and I understand that falling on my own sword moves me forwards and upwards.

The second path is the path of 'the awakened one', which is you because it's always your choice which pill you take.

It is the path of gradually opening up the other 95% of your 'gods given' apparatus – the majority junk that you've never used. It's everything other than the body/mind consciousness, so it makes sense to still and quieten down the body first. In fact, you can't access your latent potentials unless you put your body away first. Being still, putting on blindfolds, playing evocative music, just desired focus, doing it daily before breakfast, you're getting the gist of this. No amount of bodywork cuts it..

The journey of opening up your brain is described in my other article here:

What becomes obvious is that path 2 is very different to path 1 and you can't be both, although you will try your very best to contradict this truth.

There's no compromise on the second path. There's no duality here. There's a reversal – one's body becomes subjugate to one's mind. You, as a conscious creator, are now only living for your mind and your body is in hot pursuit. There's beauty here, you say, 'I am entirely beautiful', for it is your truth. There's no loss here; just a change of emphasis, priority and bias.

There is an endless supply of stuff to listen to. There are conferences, events, festivals and retreats to go to, classes to attend and many great books to read. You will not become enlightened by any of it.

Enlightenment is all about opening your brain to receive the higher echelons of consciousness and that takes some work on your part.

Our brains can receive all 7 frequencies of consciousness, yet we've all been spinning our wheels in the slowest 3 frequencies. Personal desire and direct internal commands are what opens up our brains. For instance, if we spend time daily and just focus on the word love, we will gradually open up our heart centres. But it doesn't happen without our effort; it's not going to arrive on some cosmic wave!

We have been given a piece of hardware that sits between our ears and we don't use it for anything other than deciding what our next meal is going to be. We use less than 10% of it. What's the other 90+% for? It is for our exploration into the unknown, so that we can realise more and become greater than we've ever been. It's not about giving up on life but about gaining more life and living it from a higher perspective.

People don't become enlightened because they don't do the work, they don't put any effort in; they think they can just turn up at another event, catch up with a few friends, tell a few stories and then stay quiet about any philosophy they've learned, in an effort to try to convince others that they're now one of the savvy. How they love their self-important images..

Don't waste your money. You already have the apparatus. Use it. Develop it. Open it up. Sit still in the dark and quiet and say, 'beloved God, open me up to know'. Give the images of what you want to the great void. See your life how you want it to be..

Consciousness is everything. There are 7 gears. We've been running on empty in 3rd gear. Don't you think we should be pursuing 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th? We should be in hot pursuit of the higher echelons of consciousness – it's where our futures lie ~ Gary

P.s. A human is a being who hasn't learned to use their computer.

A god is a being who has learned to use their computer.

What differentiates us as gods is our desires.

The Quantum World works perfectly; it is you and I who are not working in tandem with it. We cannot have what we don't really desire because we will never focus on it for long enough to wire it in our brains. Now we have 2 of the 3 keys for being godlike - desire and repetition.

The Quantum World works like clockwork, constantly moulding itself to the wiring in your computer. The 3rd key is the language of your computer; it is images (pictures). The images you give to your computer orders the Quantum World around you. Every thought is a holographic image.

Why do you get what you get in your life and not necessarily what you say you want? Because those are the images you give to God and you obviously don't desire enough what you say you want.

How did a young kid develop the ability to do seemingly impossible magic? He wired it without any instruction manual. He desired it and he kept at it daily. Once he achieved his first miracle his confidence grew and he realised he could manifest anything he put his mind to.

I never wanted the image of being a know it all but I have always had the desire to know it all. Where in the consciousness pyramid does that entity sit - the one who 'knows'? At the apex.

So what happens if you've got a desire that has no images associated with it? You give it one then you give it to your God...

God/the Universe/the Quantum World can only give you what you ask for. Every thought counts because thoughts are images and images are the language of your biological computer. So a god is a god because they focus only on their desires and nothing else.

Are you wired for your desires?

You cannot get what you don't have the neuronet for. To get it you have to wire it. You will only wire it if you really desire it and the desire has to be at the forefront of your mind everyday for the neuronet to form. Be careful to keep the new wiring pure and don't associate it with anything coming from your past memories. Daily repetition is necessary to hardwire the new into your neuronet.

Sit still, back straight, close your eyes, go deep and envision the new you ~ Gary

* There's a lot more knowledge in both of my BOOKS